An Unprecedented Situation

First of all, I hope that wherever and whenever you’re reading this, you’re OK. A global health crisis in which people are dying is no time to moan about the first-world problems of working from home, even though the effect on mental health is very real and a problem for many people.

There’s no denying that ‘normal’ life has all of sudden become much more difficult – even for people who haven’t suffered the direct effects of the terrible disease.

These past few days, there has been little time to focus on this blog when learners and colleagues have struggled to deal with a sudden need to utilise technology as the primary means of learning. Up until now its role has been supplementary; now, it’s crucial.

The technology is not the main stumbling block, though. Many learners have been struggling, not only to find their way around unfamiliar technology, but to become independent learners who solve problems, interpret instructions and make decisions for themselves without teacher input. The situation has highlighted how far we still need to go to empower learners with a skill-set that enables them to drive their learning forward.

I’ll endeavour to explore possible answers to some of these problems in future posts and how we can apply what we learn during this crisis to future learning, whatever form it takes.

In the meantime, look after you and yours. See below for a resource that may help if you’re struggling to cope. Best wishes.