About Mathsville

Mathsville is my opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, content and links relating to teaching GCSE Maths at mainly foundation level.

The site is aimed primarily at teachers and lecturers, but can also be filtered to show content useful to students.

My goals as a self-developing teaching professional are:

  1. To create effective learning interventions
  2. To create enjoyable learning experiences

I aim to achieve these two goals by:

  • Developing my teaching skills
  • Improving my subject knowledge
  • Embracing innovative use of technology
  • Employing creativity in learning design
  • Modelling good behaviour
  • Promoting diversity in the classroom
  • Supporting the wellbeing of learners

I hope you can share in these goals by checking back here regularly and adding your own comments below the posts.

I wish you the best of luck in your mathematical endeavours!