A Pivotal Moment

This is a genuine post, for which I’m receiving no payment.

One of the most productive few hours of my career was attending a course on behaviour management delivered by Pivotal Education.

The course was no more than a lecture delivered to the entire teaching staff of the college I was employed by at the time. The trainer was Darrell Williams and I have to say that on the day, I was incredibly sceptical. I’d undertaken CPD on behaviour management before, but it had always been very woolly and hadn’t really provided any concrete actions or tangible changes in approach that I could take back to the classroom.

Also, there was a rather arrogant assumption that I was managing behaviour effectively. I wasn’t.

Throughout the day, Darrell’s enthusiasm, backed up by thought-provoking examples, started to help me believe that the changes he was recommending – changes in my behaviour – would be effective. They were, and I’ve adopted them in my teaching practice with great results.

Pivotal espouse Five Pillars of good practice.

The Five Pillars are:

  • Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  • First attention to best conduct
  • Relentless routines
  • Scripted interventions
  • Restorative follow up

It all makes sense and has transformed my ability to manage behaviour in my classroom. It’s provided an effective framework to work within.

Pivotal offer excellent tips regularly via their mailing list. Their website is also worth checking out. Pay a visit at http://pivotaleducation.com