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I’ve become interested in creating interactive learning resources using H5P, which is an open-source framework based on Javascript.

It offers a powerful selection of tools that make it easy to create all kinds of learning content – including interactive quizzes, presentations and games.

No programming knowledge is needed – just creative thought and a willingness to spend time putting together content.

Below is my first attempt at using it. I’ve created a short lesson on ‘circle elements’, using public domain images and my own simple circle graphics. Have a go at it below and give me your thoughts in the comments – either as a student or a teacher.

You can find out more at h5p.org

One thought on “H5P content

  1. Looking at H5P versus SCORM content in order to produce blended learning materials for GCSE Maths students. This is nice ‘first attempt’. I struggle with being overwhelmed by all the possibilities and lack of technical expertise (i’m using an in-built content editor on our Moodle system). Anyway best wishes on your endeavours and happy holidays!

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